What is the J-System®?

The J-System® provides a precise and even air movement within a grain mass of any storage facility regardless of its size or shape. The J-System® blower’s design, coordinated with the controlled release of hydrogen phosphide from Phostoxin®, aids in establishing a lethal concentration of the fumigant throughout the grain mass in quality, tightly sealed storages.

How does the J-System® work?

Using the patented J-System® blower, air is drawn from the headspace and pushed into the grain mass through your aeration system, establishing a uniform hydrogen phosphide concentration. The dispersion of the fumigant gas concentration continues until all the fumigant has been liberated. Uniform gas concentrations in all areas of the grain mass assure high insect mortality.

The J-System® is economical to install externally or internally due to our blower’s explosion resistant classification. Component parts can be custom designed and engineered for your storage facility, including ones without an existing aeration system. It is currently used on all types of grain storage facilities including corrugated steel tanks, steel welded or bolted tanks, concrete silos, flat houses, bunker storages, barges and ship holds.

J-System® Low Air Flow Fumigation Method

These bins, A & B, represent how a bin with nothing to help equalize the gas concentration may appear in 24 to 72 hours.
Uneven distribution is apparent even if the bin is top and bottom treated as in B.

This represents how a bin with the J-System® will appear in relation to gas concentration in only 12 to 24 hours.

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